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A simple gift of $39 gives a homeless mother and her child a roof over their heads for one night. Hot meals are served to 60 hungry people for $165. A $45 contribution offers a family struggling with mental health issues an hour of desperately needed therapy.

These are just a few of the great things that can be accomplished by donating to Palm Beach County’s smaller – and often unrecognized – charities.

The 2015 Directory for Charitable Giving has zeroed in on the most urgent human needs with a particular concern for hunger, homelessness and mental illness.

U.S. Census Bureau data show that the poverty rate in Florida is significantly higher than it was five years ago. Seventeen percent lived below the federal poverty level in 2013, compared with 14.9 percent in 2009. One million Florida children under 18 now live in poverty.

Homelessness and poverty are often disturbingly visible in the community, but there’s another widespread problem simmering just below the surface. An estimated 26.2 percent of adult Americans – that’s 57.7 million people – are battling mental illness.

We want to be a part of helping local residents as they struggle with these and other difficult issues. Extraordinary Charities is dedicated to changing the face of philanthropy in Palm Beach County and opening the door to new donor opportunities. We have created this directory to be a trusted resource at a time when area philanthropists are making strategic choices.

Together, we can make Palm Beach County a more cohesive and caring community.


Beverlee & John Raymond, Jr.
Extraordinary Charities, Inc