Extraordinary Charities

Please note: Our phone number has recently changed. 

It is now (561) 328-3250

A homeless child snuggled up in a warm bed, a sea turtle scrambling ashore to find a safe nesting area, a courageous woman fighting child slavery and a symphony orchestra introducing new audiences to the joys of classical music. These are among the success stories of Palm Beach County’s smaller charities, made possible by generous donors.

Let me invite you to open our second annual Directory of Charitable Giving and explore 76 of these worthy causes, including many nonprofits that may be new to you. We have focused exclusively on Palm Beach County 501(c)(3) charities with annual budgets under $3 million. Our goal is to raise awareness of unrecognized but deserving charities in Palm Beach County, and open the door to new opportunities in local philanthropy.

Extraordinary Charities, Inc. is producing this directory free of charge as a public service to these remarkable charities, helping them connect with our local philanthropic community.

We also want to assure our donors that their gifts to these extraordinary charities will have a significant impact.

Our all-volunteer review panel, consisting of diverse local professionals with philanthropic expertise, has spent countless hours compiling information on these charities, evaluating them on the factors of sustainability, financial transparency, impact, accomplishment and uniqueness.

Thank you for considering these Palm Beach County charities in your giving plans. We are available to make in-person presentations, and please feel free to contact us if you would like additional information.